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"Going Digital for His Kingdom" is purpose-driven, faith-based conferences, workshops, presentations and concerts. Events that are inspirational, motivational and educational events for Christian Ministries, Businesses and Individuals that wish to grow God's Kingdom in the digital age.

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    We are living in a new era. With new technologies and applications, our method of relating to one another has changed and continuously develops. Human Beings desire truth, love, relationships and justice. Christians know these longings and find themselves called by God to help quench the thirst of those seeking by bringing the grace of God to every Human Being. Yet today, we are failing to effectively do so. Ministries were once pioneers in communication. The Apostle Paul, Martin Luther, Aimee McPherson and Billy Graham traveled the globe, preaching and converting thousands upon thousands to a radical message inspired by the Holy Spirit. Those converted founded hospitals, universities, churches and businesses. Clearly, Christians had mastered the

    Art of Communication in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Today however, Christians have fallen short of that reputation, lagging behind in adopting new forms of communication. Namely, Christians are lacking in their efforts to utilize new media. It is only recently that Christian organizations have been bold enough to announce meetings and classes to discuss new media and their implications to Christian Ministries and Christian Businesses. Meanwhile, new media continues to develop even more. Technology continues to advance, leaving ministries behind.

    Would God want us to be left behind?

    The Apostle Paul instructed the Corinthians to "run as to win" the race (1 Corinthians 9:24) If Christians are not doing this in terms of utilizing new media, action must be taken! The purpose of "Going Digital for His Kingdom" is build a foundation for Christian Ministries, Christian Businesses, and Christians who want to make a difference, in the effective utilization of new media. We believe that there are unique benefits in utilizing new media that bring faith to the seeking. New Media benefits the local church, evangelism, community building and other communication efforts to the faithful in our church, in our community and around the world!

    Going Digital for His Kingdom Events explores with our attendees, the criticisms and critiques of new media from inside and outside the Christian Sector. We explore the concept that online communication is shallow and isolating. We will help to ease the minds and hearts of many who are fearful of the idea that Christians will become advocates of new media. These events acknowledge that with the use of new media, new benefits appear.

    While Christian Organizations have slowly engaged small group settings as a part of a larger conference or meeting to discuss new media, Going Digital for His Kingdom is completely devoted to exploring the relationship between Christians and new media and inspiring, motivating and training Christian Leaders to effectively use new media and answer the needs of a world that is placing increasing importance on new and social media.

    Please review the many events and opportunities to grow God's Kingdom listed in this website.


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